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Business Phone Service

Looking to upgrade your business phone system? Our VoIP service offers crystal-clear call quality, advanced features, and cost-effective pricing. With easy setup and 24/7 customer support, you’ll be up and running in no time. Say goodbye to costly phone bills and hello to a reliable and efficient communication solution. Contact us today to learn more!


Business Phone Service

Choosing a VoIP (Cloud Based Phones) partner can be a difficult decision as an IT professional since many providers don’t live up to their promises.  This is why we choose Hover Networks as our VoIP partner.  We are confident Hover Networks will take the best care of our clients and they will be happy with our recommendation.  Hover Networks has been in business since 2009 and services over 1200 business locations in WNY.  In the Hover Networks logo there are three words that are described below:

Quality:  Hover Networks is one of the few providers that separates voice traffic from data traffic on the local network and includes a voice only router.  Both of these are the reason our customers will have good quality phone calls.

Service:  Hover Networks people are the best in the industry at making the on-boarding installation process easy.  They include complete training, installation and answer help calls live to help customers.  After hours they always have a technician on call and are ready to quickly help with everything.

Reliability:  Hover Networks has 99.999% uptime since the beginning.  Hover Networks believes phones should be as simple as breathing, no need to think about it, it just works. 

MKCS will work with Hover Networks to provide you with a no obligation and no pressure sales pressure approach. Call us today to get started!